What makes a superhero? Is it just a cape, mask, and muscles? Our young detective friend and his seafaring sidekick don’t have any of those but they are regarded as superheroes almost all over the world. MOSHAMA’s COMIX are what happen when you take American super power....

Mickerix & Obemick came into existence after our two favorite Gaulish friends went to the happiest place on earth for a holiday. Somehow, mysteriously, they were transformed by the magical powers of the park into westernized versions of themselves.

The Pixel Prophets come to show us the history of their prophecy. They are the most famous prophets in history and each of them has their own remarkable story. Even though they were trying so hard to guide people in a good way, they were attacked by the people in their time.....

Each of us has a million heads – sometimes we’re happy, sometimes we’re sad, or angry, or relaxed, or any one of a million emotions. The Milliheads are a lot like us, except that they show all their heads at the same time. They also have great taste in shoes.

MOSHAMA’s Persian Kitties are a magical breed with bright colors and mysterious patterns on their coats. The Kitties love all the different ethnic groups of the region and that’s why their designs reflect different cultures.

Don’t even think about taking all of these pills at once! They will kill you easily! The correct dosage is once daily for a week, and they will cure all your wounds. You may start with Adderall 88, and ...

A lonely inflatable clown is the only one left standing in a circus. The inflatable circus and all its employees are going to be flat today. We don’t want them to leave us, and so we captured the moment...

Stay tunned for new MOSHAMA's design will be out very soon.

MOSHAMA AlaviBros' Toy Boutique




All rights reserved by AlaviBros’ Company | March 2014

MOSHAMA is proudly introducing three outstanding artists who they were helping us in our long path. Thank you Sjors Tomlow, Our buddy Sebastian Burga for introducing his well designed "Minimals" series and finally Elisa Sassi, the most lovely lady in the world, for her beautiful "Barbatonics".

Sjors Tomlow is a Dutch Illustrator with a passion for colourful and slightly crazy visuals.


Visit The Sjors Here

the Barbatonics are inhabitants of Sassiland. Each one has a special story to be told, together they are a set of 7 characters designed by Elisa Sassi.


Visit The SassiLand Here

Minimals are a new line of modular toy models currently in development by designer Sebastián Burga.  The designer has been working on the wacky...


Visit The Minimals Here


MOSHAMA is the traditional Arabic term for plastic.  In modern times the Farsi language simply uses the word plastic, but the old Persian guys were always more comfortable using the word MOSHAMA.  The younger generations have really not heard the word at all, so today we are honoring the tradition of our grandparents and re-adopting the term MOSHAMA.