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All rights reserved by AlaviBros’ Company | March 2014

the Barbatonics are inhabitants of Sassiland. Each one has a special story to be told, together they are a set of 7 characters designed by Elisa Sassi and digitally sculpted by Quailstudio a.k.a Amaury Lemal.


the Barbatonics are the Vinyl Toys that Elisa Sassi has always been dreaming about!!


We are working to bring these characters into your home as a collectible series of Vinyl Art Toys. Stay tuned for updates on an upcoming kickstarter project that you can be a part of and help us materialize the Barbatonic dream.


Elisa Sassi, born in São Paulo (Brazil) has lived in London, Lisbon and settled down (for now) in San Francisco. She has exhibited in three of those four cities (Lisbon was left out, maybe too much fun at the time), does a lot of advertising work (Nike, Samsung, XBox, Fiat), magazine covers, children books, clothes, toys and so it goes. She has been drawing since as far back as she can remember. What changes is the media, the way to look at the world and the maturity of her bunnies.

MOSHAMA is the traditional Arabic term for plastic.  In modern times the Farsi language simply uses the word plastic, but the old Persian guys were always more comfortable using the word MOSHAMA.  The younger generations have really not heard the word at all, so today we are honoring the tradition of our grandparents and re-adopting the term MOSHAMA.