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All rights reserved by AlaviBros’ Company | March 2014

What makes a superhero? Is it just a cape, mask, and muscles? Our young detective friend and his seafaring sidekick don’t have any of those but they are regarded as superheroes almost all over the world. MOSHAMA’s COMIX are what happen when you take American super power infuse it with European brains. Now, finally, they will be noticed in America as well – as they put on their capes and spandex, and start working out!

MOSHAMA is the traditional Arabic term for plastic.  In modern times the Farsi language simply uses the word plastic, but the old Persian guys were always more comfortable using the word MOSHAMA.  The younger generations have really not heard the word at all, so today we are honoring the tradition of our grandparents and re-adopting the term MOSHAMA.