The Pixel Prophets come to show us the history of their prophecy. They are the most famous prophets in history and each of them has their own remarkable story. Even though they were trying so hard to guide people in a good way, they were attacked by the people in their time. We believe that there is more to them than what we’ve learned about them. We wish they were here to answer all the questions that we have for them today, because all the stories and teachings just leave us with a low resolution image of who they were.

MOSHAMA AlaviBros' Toy Boutique




All rights reserved by AlaviBros’ Company | March 2014

MOSHAMA is the traditional Arabic term for plastic.  In modern times the Farsi language simply uses the word plastic, but the old Persian guys were always more comfortable using the word MOSHAMA.  The younger generations have really not heard the word at all, so today we are honoring the tradition of our grandparents and re-adopting the term MOSHAMA.