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All rights reserved by AlaviBros’ Company | March 2014

Sjors Tomlow is a Dutch Illustrator with a passion for colourful and slightly crazy visuals.

Often dealing with subjects such as dreams, retro videogames, childhood and the subconscious.

He is always in search of new projects and clients to work for and share his vision through

some great imagery.

Sjors Tomlow has worked for 3 years as an illustrator and designer at De Roode Kikker after

earning his Bachelor degree at AKV St. Joost Academy for Art & Design (Breda, Netherlands).

Before that he graduated in Graphic Design at De Eindhovense School (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

MOSHAMA is honored having the Starfaced Giant™ toy and Kyogen-Bully™ toy only for the MOSHAMA Boutique. Thank you Sjors.

MOSHAMA is the traditional Arabic term for plastic.  In modern times the Farsi language simply uses the word plastic, but the old Persian guys were always more comfortable using the word MOSHAMA.  The younger generations have really not heard the word at all, so today we are honoring the tradition of our grandparents and re-adopting the term MOSHAMA.